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Each of our websites is unique in its own way and caters to the needs of our client. 
We make sure that the website design showcases the brand image of our client and makes it click with its audience. 

How can we help you?

RH2A Group is not just a web development company.
We are a full-service, multi-disciplinary digital firm that specializes in providing unique, conversion-oriented online technology solutions for your business.


We design and develop responsive websites that are platform-independent and perfectly viewable on all devices – be it computers, mobile phones or tablets.


We can develop websites using popular and/or customized CMS that can be used by our clients to update their content on their own, at their own convenience from a web browser.


We know how to market brands on the web and how to make sure that you get bang for your buck when you work with us.

Social Media

Creating an account on facebook or twitter is one thing and managing them is another. Managing your social media channels can be a pain at times.


Work with our designers to create beautiful interfaces, thoughtful user experience, and tightly-focussed products.

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Do you want to join a team that converts visions to reality on the web, delivering results with innovation and intelligence?

About Us

Welcome to The Digital Agency

RH2A Group has had a variety of clients from a plethora of industries. Our clients include Fashion Designers, ECommerce Businesses, Matrimonial Services, Social Networks, Real Estate Organizations, Professional Photographers, Telecom Companies, NGOs, Fitness Businesses, Restaurants and more…

Who Are We

We are a multi-disciplinary team that works with clients from the initial idea to strategize, build, test, and deploy applications in fast cycles. Using agile techniques, we roll out functionalities and incorporate feedback into the build, incrementally refining it into feature-rich products.

Our Mission

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



Before running a successful marketing campaign, you need to have deep insight into your customer’s behavior. Most marketing messages end up sounding generic because most companies don’t take the time to fully understand their customers and the stories behind their problems.



Scaling anything requires proper documentation of systems, processes, and workflows that go into completing a specific task. That means having a structured system to follow when you create a blog post, run a PR campaign, run social media promotions or paid ads, and so forth.



First impressions never get second chances. During the design phase, we convert the learning from user research to visually appealing designs. Based on a detailed storyboard, our UX engineers, designers, and content strategists collaborate to create wireframes, navigation design, and finally a prototype.



Software development is a creative process and often involves trial and error. However, chances of failure can be minimized by following proven best practices such as code reviews, unit testing, and continuous integration.



Selection of the right testing tools and the proficiency of the tester in using them are critical in maintaining standards and specifications of a system. These factors play an important role in improving product quality and quickening delivery to the market.



The final phase that breathes life into a feasible design. In this phase, the prototype goes through a design review, usability analysis, and heuristic evaluation. The testing and review feedback are incorporated to clear glitches. The aim is to produce a product that performs as desired and satisfies users.

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